A Global Powerhouse Comes to the U.S.

Santander Bank is a locally focused bank subsidiary of Spain's Santander Group, a world leading financial institution that serves over 102 million customers with 14,000 branches in the UK, Latin America, and Europe.

After acquiring Sovereign Bank, Santander appointed Gilmore Group to help adapt the global brand for the United States and establish a powerful presence in the Northeast.

A comprehensive set of Standards & Guidelines was created to implement the brand throughout the network of roughly 700 branches and 2,100 ATMs in concert with the global brand. The result was a consistent customer journey that expressed a unified brand.

Gilmore Group developed a rebranding program with a hybrid strategy based on insights from financial industry experience that helped integrate international best practices in the U.S. market. We created a high-impact, recognizable brand expression for Santander whose customer base spans all levels of financial involvement including personal, business, and corporate. 

Gilmore Group helped create an internal brand hierarchy with a differentiated brand expression for “Santander Select,” Santander’s private banking division. The incorporation of secondary branding elements across various touch points worked to distinguish the sub-brand.  

With a large focus on digital, cost-reduction, future adaptability, and effective usage of space, Gilmore Group protoyped modular componentry and developed efficient small-footprint branches.