A New Chapter for Walgreens

Walgreens asked for Gilmore Group's help to create a holistic branded experience in order to better communicate the Walgreens brand to urban markets. We created a new store design that was originally intended for the New York market, but was ultimately implemented in over 4,000 stores around the country. The design included both exterior and interior store branding.   

In addition to the experiential branding of Walgreens' retail spaces, Gilmore Group created an enhanced visual and verbal core brand identity system. We created the visual strategy which systematized communications, and a revitalized verbal strategy that spoke to the ‘well-life’ platform. 

We were asked to create a new pharmacy section in the store, called the "Family Health and Wellness Center," that catered to a family’s multiple life stages. The result was a best in class health care experience with a comprehensive environmental graphics system and interior design layout. Through acting on a better understanding of customer wants and needs, Walgreens has evolved into one of the most relevant and identifiable pharmaceutical retailers.