Graphic Designer

Company Description:

We are a design firm dedicated to developing 3-dimensional manifestations of our clients' brands. This has included everything from retail stores to aircraft interiors to product packaging. We believe that a brand is ultimately defined by a tangible first-hand experience.

Some of our current projects include designing new prototype environments for banks (including the building architecture, the retail interior, the interactive components, the signage), a communications program for a fortune 500 retailer, digital content creation for a storefront/LED Spectacular at Times Square, a 'Smart Cities' design program, and a brand optimization program for one of the largest OEMs in the general aviation industry.

Formal Education: Bachelors Degree in:

• Graphic Design

Professional Requirements:

• 3+ Years experience

• Bilingual: Spanish and English

Software & Platform Proficiency:

• Adobe Creative Suite

• Microsoft Office (PowerPoint necessary)

• Web Design and UI skills (not required but are a plus)

Annual Salary:

• Commensurate with experience

*Please submit resume and portfolio to

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