The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic contrast sharply from industry to industry, but one thing is certain: companies must put people first and create a new Customer Experience (CX).

A sustained surge of online shopping is sending the logistics sector soaring, retail giants are hiring (for now), and the tech industry is well-positioned to outlast the crisis. On the other hand, many brick & mortar stores, restaurants, airlines, and hospitality businesses are experiencing devastating economic downturn.

There is however a consistent shift happening in all industries across the globe. A magnifying glass is being held over business models, bringing in to focus the virus-susceptible element present in the production, consumption, and experience equation. It is clear a new human-centric climate is emerging. One that will require some companies to pivot and others to right-size their scale of production, but all to invariably adopt a people-first strategy that governs their go-forward plan.

"A strategic change means nothing if the people experiencing it can't see it, feel it and know it personally."

- AHG, APRIL 2020
Specifically, physical customer experiences may be managed with tactics-based strategies. These strategies focus on direct customer- and employee-engagement. They allow those on the ground to personally see, feel and know what actions a company has taken to meet their new expectations.
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