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Brands must continually adapt to unprecedented forces of change. From the catalyzing nature of COVID-19 to the Big Tech disruptors, what remains clear is that successful companies will embrace civic responsibility, adopt people-first cultures, and employ new customer experience (CX) strategies. From a technology perspective, they will also integrate systems which leverage data to create operational efficiencies, optimize their networks, and enhance service.

In 2020, a magnifying glass was held over businesses and the concept of "essentialness". Operational models have been adjusted, bringing into focus (the virus-susceptible) human element present in the production, consumption, and experience equation. It is clear a new human-centric climate is emerging. One that will require some companies to pivot and others to right-size their network, but all to invariably adopt new technologies and a people-first strategy that governs their go-forward plans.

"A strategic change means nothing if the people experiencing it can't see it, feel it and know it, personally."

Specifically, physical customer experiences may be managed with tactics-based strategies. These strategies focus on direct customer- and employee-engagement. They allow those on the ground to personally see, feel and know what actions a company has taken to meet their new expectations regarding safety. The following four (4) tactics are specifically tailored to Bank Branch Adaptation but their principles may be used in any retail industry.

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