Bank Branch Experience Design: 7 Innovations for Success

By: GG Team
Innovative Leadership

Leaders need to direct all efforts to ensure a holistic experience for every aspect of the business.

The enterprise must have clear purpose but also aspire to aim higher. When it comes to brand activation, leaders need to be open to inspiration & collaboration; building the right retail strategy from the start is key.
Innovative Branding

A business strategy that addresses a gap in the marketplace must be supported by a brand platform, culminating in a differentiated experience.

The vision, values, positioning, and personality must be consistently expressed.
Innovative Sales & Marketing

It’s not about making people want what you sell. It’s about offering the outcome of what they buy.

Don’t sell tickets, sell destinations.
Innovative Offerings & Product Development

Offer products & services that adapt to changing customer expectations and modernize the branch network.
Innovative Technology & Data Use

Leverage organic, geosocial and mobile data to optimize your network.

Integrate cutting-edge retail-tech systems to collect anonymous customer data and create data-rich retail environments. Utilize heat mapping and gaze capture platforms to generate feedback loops for continual optimization of front-line operations and sales.
Innovative Operations

Provide your customer with convenience & efficiency while maintaining low operating costs.

Connect all aspects of the omnichannel and continue with cross-channel improvements.
Innovative Human Resources & Talent

Inspire your employees with a great internal brand experience and utilize an Innovation Center for front-line staff training to ensure new branch models operate to their full potential.
7 Innovative Initiatives

Done collectively,
these 7 initiatives
have assured growth
and increased profits.
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