Bank Branch Experience Design Challenge #2: Brand Culture

By: GG Team
Exceed your customers’ expectations by going above and beyond. From offering refreshments, to appointment scheduling systems, to AI-driven Next Best Product offerings, show your customers how well you understand them.
As consumer populations increasingly value company transparency and ethical practices, expectations for a banking experience can still vary greatly across regions and across the street.

To meet this challenge of personality customization in the branch, utilize an inter-changeable kit-of-parts that influences behavior and allows for various branch formats, supporting a particular micro-market’s demands and segment preferences.

Using geosocial data, establish behaviors that can predict deposit potential and cater to these most-valued customers.
Develop a future platform that assures the brand promise and brand values are expressed effectively, in the right place to the right people.

Build an inclusive environment that feels accessible and “fits” its particular neighborhood.

Assure that all feel invited in your space.
In other words, if Amazon or Google delivers a more convenient, simpler, or faster way, then that sets the new standard for every industry!
Attitudes & expectations have shifted due to the disruptive forces of Big-Tech and the digital catalyst of COVID-19.

Customer expectations are no longer driven only by the standards of yesteryear.

They are influenced by better delivery of service (more convenience), by what is differentiated (better products), and by what is truly resonating with customers’ personal aspirations.
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