Bank Branch Experience Design Challenge #1: Customer Centricity

By: GG Team

Fulfilling your customers’ wants & needs is imperative to company success.

Customer centricity means assuring convenience with high tech and building a personal relationship with high touch.

This past year, people have been banking
Q: Is there still an advantage to having bank branches?

A: Yes. Your customers still want brick & mortar experiences for advice on complicated financial decisions. Branches establish credibility and trust and are the greatest tool you have for creating deep, life-long customer relationships.

What does
"customer centricity"
look like
at the branch?
Predictive Anticipation
Exceed your customers’ expectations by going above and beyond. From offering refreshments, to appointment scheduling systems, to AI-driven Next Best Product offerings, show your customers how well you understand them.
Give your front-line staff the best opportunities to have successful conversations. Training, choreography, components, and cross-platform device capabilities will help assure higher sales.
CX- Focused
Make your customer experience simple, easy, and unforgettable. Turn your customers into your brand advocates.
It starts with
who you are speaking to.
Then, it's all about
guided by the brand.
Next, it's about
the holisitic experience.
Finally, it's about
the feedback.
Companies with customer-obsessed core values do well.
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