A Supersonic Vision

Aerion Corporation sent Gilmore Group a request for a competitive set of design concepts for its supersonic Business Jet, the AS2. Calling on its top form-givers and visualization artists, industrial designers, and engineers, the Gilmore Group team challenged itself to match the jet’s interior design with the aircraft’s amazing performance.

Gilmore Group set out to create interior design that embodied the absolute pinnacles of performance and luxury. In the process, our team designed concepts that covered the gamut from traditional to futuristic.

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Aerion requested that Gilmore Group create 3 designs, each for a distinct geo-cultural market: North America, Asia/China, and Europe/Middle East/Russia. In addition, we took it upon ourselves to design a “Future World” concept.

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Our research team drove the early interior design process by creating inspirational image boards of the transportation industry’s elite designs in order to help our artists further hone their conceptualizations. Gilmore Group’s researchers went on to identify culturally specific iconography, color palettes, and materials that would direct the materials and finishes selection.

Each markets’ components and design elements started from a blank page and went through an internal approval process before the final design was nominated.

For the North American market, we landed on a “conventional” design that played up North Americans' affinity for the classic: hardwood-inlaid designs and beautifully stitched, creamy leathers.

The Asia/China market design style achieved was “high-touch.” The culturally significant and impactful red leather, lacquered tropical hardwood seat shell, and iconic graphics hail from this market. With its lines, meshing of color, texture, and stylistic componentry, the cabin’s gestalt, from stem to stern, had an intense visual flair we believed to be on par with the AS2’s astonishing exterior.

Gilmore Group’s work for the European/Russian/Middle East geo-cultural market found the team designing a “high-tech” cabin, complete with neon blue LED lighting strips adorning the side ledges. The two-tone seats, fabricated with off-white and matte blue, were detailed with brushed steel elements, and embodied a clean look & feel.

Our “Future World” concept shows a world in which technology is ubiquitously integrated into the environment and advanced fabrication materials are utilized.

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