A Soaring Vision

Fleet Bank’s largest acquisition came with its merger with BankBoston, and Gilmore Group was selected to develop the new user experience strategy by creating a new branded customer journey.

The design system reflected the merging of all aspects of the brand experience: strategy, architecture, storefronts, signature elements, and environmental multi-media.

The creative inspiration for the components was based on the great maritime history of Boston and New England. This was represented by the slat wood millwork connectors as well as merchandising that resembled ships of the past.

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The resulting design symbolized a respect for both banks’ heritage whilst putting front and center a progressive and modern outlook. The high-touch and high-tech based designs allowed the brand to emphasize its future-focused vision without intimidating customers.

We worked with Fleet Bank to design the prototype stand-alone bank building and dozens of high-profile branches in major metropolitan areas. Gilmore Group helped devise a differentiated network strategy for an array of branch types including investment-oriented, community-oriented, and self-service.

In South America, BankBoston had enormous brand equity and so, with Gilmore Group’s discretion, the financial centers kept the name while aligning the designs with Fleet. Colors and communications pieces were updated to reconcile with the new brand. The implementation in the U.S. was hugely successful: Bank of America subsequently bought Fleet at an appreciable increase to former share-holder value.