Rated E for Entertainment

Hastings, a leading multimedia entertainment retailer based in Amarillo, Texas wanted to revamp its stores in order to express a new brand promise centered on the “wonder of discovery.”

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Gilmore Group aligned the Hastings brand by creating a new brand mark, tag line, and visual identity system.

The new system was carried to retail stores through a top-to-bottom redesign of the entire in-store experience. This included signage, fixtures, materials, finishes, and environmental graphics.

In addition to refreshing the Hastings brand, we took on the challenge of helping create a new sub-brand, where the value proposition focused on “treasure hunting” and making second-hand a first choice. After conducting naming exploratories, Hastings decided on the name “Tradesmart.”

We developed both a visual and verbal brand identity for the new sub-brand. The Tradesmart logo and environmental branding system utilized Hastings’ brand elements which allowed for seamless integration of the new sub-brand into high-profile stores.

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