An International Center of Innovation

Gilmore Group was engaged to refine the design of the new Emerging Market Innovation Center (EMIC) office in Shanghai. The initial goals of this program were to help the EMIC environment better serve Johnson & Johnson by communicating the Johnson & Johnson brand and its spirit of innovation and collaboration by inspiring employees in their day to day activities.

The essential design idea was creating a global center of excellence for developing products for non-Europe non-US markets. Gilmore Group helped repurpose the corporate lab facility in order to foster corporate-employee dialogue and emphasize Johnson & Johnson’s emerging market work.

This was done through the implementation of environmental graphics, furniture, and guidelines on how to utilize the space as to increase interactivity. To liven up the corporate facilities’ white hallways, we placed progressive art from artists in emerging countries, inspirational quotes, as well as Johnson & Johnson commissioned, super magnified images of their non-U.S., non-Europe products.

There was also a strong focus on creating themed conference rooms that historicized former, and reflected current, emerging-market work. Conference rooms were named after 'second cities' such as Vladivostok, Russia, Bangalore, India, and Chongqing, China. For each we created a translucent map graphic that marked their coordinates. In the conference room itself, we had photos of typical retail life and examples of popular consumer products in these cities. They functioned to serve as a thoughtful reminder: always be asking yourself, “what's my customer's experience?”

Additional work for Johnson & Johnson’s corporate branding program included branding their office in Bentonville, Arkansas, exhibit development, as well as shopper marketing research.