A Corporate Interlude

Within McNeil's corporate headquarters in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania is a two-story, sky-lit atrium; a space through which people from McNeil's different departments could cross paths and intermingle. The atrium was seen as a golden opportunity to create an inviting space of corporate collaboration and relaxation. However, despite the sofas and skylights, the atrium lacked purposeful, attractive design and so went largely unused, and employees would sooner walk around the perimeter of the space than through its center.

To make the space more inviting and to foster a dialogue between the company and its employees, Gilmore Group assisted McNeil in conceptualizing a new café environment central to the campus. Secondary draws into the space included massage chairs, plant life, and various seating arrangements.

We wanted to make a space that could facilitate different productivity needs. We placed bar stools for individuals looking for a change in workplace scenery, and cubby tables where four people could meet over coffee in a more spacious environment. It was McNeil's goal to bring people together, and with the help of Gilmore Group they capitalized on that goal in one of their premier corporate campus spaces.