Customer-Centric for All Things Electric

Consumer electronics manufacturer and importer Premier Electronics wished to elevate its brand perception, establish a new name, create a branded experience, and garner more attention by expanding into retail stores in Latin America, including a flagship in Panama City.

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We developed a retail identity that introduced a set of signature elements communicating Premier’s new positioning and delivered a powerful and exciting customer journey. These brand elements— ‘Trusted,’ ‘Cherished,’ ‘Professional’—were integrated into all aspects of Premier’s retail experience. Gilmore Group accomplished this in the flagship store via experiential retail zones where customers could learn about and test products.

This ‘retail theater’ design included a ‘family room’ for TVs and games, a ‘beauty bar’ for hair dryers, and, as shopping is an all-day family affair in Panama, spaces for children and playtime. Additionally, we created a ‘cold room’ where shoppers could put on a provided coat and step into a refrigerated room to shop for air conditioners. This was especially intriguing for many Panamanian visitors as they rarely experience non-tropical temperatures. As part of developing the new brand experience for Premier, we also developed the digital media façade for the flagship store’s exterior.

Through adherence to next generation consumer retail best-practices, Premier has seen market share growth since Gilmore Group’s involvement.

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