Aligning the Brand and Expressing the Culture

Gilmore Group completed a corporate branding program for Santander. It included the exterior and interior of 3 of their major facilities and an additional 14+ corporate sites. We completed the program with a set of Standards & Guidelines, and oversaw implementation throughout the corporate headquarters, major campus facilities, and other corporate sites.

The four pillars of the program were 'Orientation', 'Education', 'Collaboration', and 'Inspiration', and the proposed strategy consisted of component system and corporate Kit-of-Parts.

Better orientation in the facilities was achieved by way of a new wayfinding component system.

Education was approached through the thoughtful integration of displays that focused on its history, products, and services as well as global presence and campaigns, where one could learn more about Santander's culture and offerings.

Inspiration was achieved by displaying the brandmark, the mission statement, tagline, and values throughout the campus. This would convey who Santander is as a company and empower its team members through corporate pride.

Collaboration occurred in a variety of guises, from formal conference rooms to informal meeting areas. All designs wer geared towards unifying team members.

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