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how we do it

We use market intelligence and the power of design to create memorable experiences. Our insights form and drive decisions for the development of compelling strategy. We deliver powerful ideas that bring brands to life with our innovative, intellectually curious, and diverse team members. We create brands that people want to be a part of, both as customers and employees.

The three core phases of our process are:


Fresh insights, acquired with diverse methods and analyzed through culturally sensitive lenses, are the building blocks of breakthrough strategies and industry-evolving innovations that unite future potential with concrete customer needs and desires.

The world is undergoing profound change, much of it infiltrating from new centers of influence and crossing over from various industries.

It is important to have a deep understanding of the human factors, the industry pressures, the macro forces, and the cultural nuances shaping the future in which your brand must excel.

Using research to create actionable data that lead to insights, we will create a brand, design, and holistic experience that is distinctively your own.

For advanced data-based insights, learn more about our iSEA offering.

intelligent Spatial
Environmental Analysis


  • Data Analytics: Demographics, Micro-Market Competitors, Geo-fencing, & Geo-social
  • Site Selection
  • Branch Format Selection
  • Staffing
  • Kit-of-Parts & Equipment
  • Look & Feel
  • Network Optimization

Intended for brick-and-mortar retail networks in financial services and conventional retail, our iSEA process uses advanced data modeling techniques; these models help generate insights and drive decisions related to site selection & network optimization, as well as place-based design.

We use statistical analysis to understand which particular needs (i.e., education, B2B, hours of operation) and preferences (i.e., high-touch, local culture, language access) are more desired in certain places, and work to resonate within geo-specific micro markets.

With these insights, we develop predictive algorithms which underpin the site selection & network optimization strategy.

We also use key considerations collected through this process to determine which site formats (i.e., flagship, shop-in-shop, automated, small footprint) and look & feel schemes (i.e., culturally specific, local architectural styles, high-tech, luxury) should be developed.


This phase focuses on developing a comprehensive branding & experience system, and how to incorporate it consistently across all brand touchpoints.

All of the insights, rigorous analysis, and creative distillation of the strategy phase will be translated clearly into our designs. Gilmore Group is expert at working with clients to ensure a smooth transition from strategy to concepts and schematics without loss of original intent.

For specialized assistance with incorporating next-gen retail technology, learn more about our iART offering.

install Advanced
Retail Technology


  • Live Occupancy / People-Counting Systems
  • Visitation Metrics, Dwell Time, & Heat Mapping
  • Smart Queueing Systems
  • Biometrics
  • Proximity Beacon Messaging
  • Anonymous Targeted Marketing
  • Location-Based Push Notifications
  • Appointment-Making Systems

The purpose of this methodology is to develop a cohesive physidigical customer journey system that incorporates next-gen technology into retail design and customer experience.

Utilizing the latest technology, our inter-disciplinary team will design, orchestrate, and execute hyper-personalized, site-specific experiences. We work to ensure a synergized customer experience.


The vision developed during the design phase is made tangible during the implementation phase. All brand and customer journey touchpoints express the creative strategy and a consistent branded experience.

Finalized designs and processes are memorialized in formal documentation for the client’s internal use. As omnichannel systems become increasingly complex, documentation and management methods adapt.

For next-gen brand asset management, learn more about our iBAM offering.

integrated Brand
Asset Management


  • Network Map
  • 3D Models of Each Store/Branch
  • Complete Plans & Elevations
  • List of All Kit-of-Parts
  • List and Specifications of All Equipment & Components
  • Standards & Guidelines
  • Interactive Remodel Tool
  • Purchasing Assist Portal

iBAM is a tool to control and manage all brand elements & components as well as inventory and equipment throughout the entire network.

The crucial outcomes of this implementation tool are consistency and process management. These outcomes are achieved through the creation of a web-based portal that contains all the ‘parts and pieces’ associated with a product, a service, or a network offering, making them accessible in one digital location.

With the use of LiDAR and Photogrammetry, we can further integrate a holistic understanding of the current conditions of your physical healthcare, store, or banking network. This tool can also be used to manage oversight of component sharing in automobile, aircraft, or boating manufacturing.

The key is to manage through dynamic Standards & Guidelines that all reside in a single, secure access-point.

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