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Gilmore Group is an Industrial Design and Branding firm based in New York City. For over 20 years, we have provided strategy, design, and implementation services to clients across the globe.

We are solution providers, brand builders, experience orchestrators, and people are at the center of everything we do.

With the experience of a large consultancy and the agility of a small agency, we have been creating game-changing designs for some of the greatest brands in the world.
We are socially and environmentally responsible, and our mission is to be a part of creating a future that is happy, healthy, inclusive, and more beautifully designed.

how we do it

Human-centered in our approach, we have expertise in creating experiences that inspire an emotional connection. As human factors engineers, our design work is always framed by those who will live it and feel it. We optimize a brand’s DNA through every touch point, creating relevant, consistent, and differentiated experiences that speak with a singular voice. We understand the hurdles of cost control, security, privacy, operations, and existing conditions can hinder original intent. As a result, we have a proven history of developing unique yet truly viable solutions.


Clearly understand the business strategy through research, situation analysis, data analysis, and opportunity discovery. Define the role of the brand in the context of successfully supporting the business strategy. We truly see brand strategy and business strategy as one construct.


Through creative design, formulate, evaluate, and iterate elements as expressions of the brand. Define the specific principles and logical constructs behind the elements, culminating in a holistic creative strategy.


Apply the creative strategy to all brand and customer journey touchpoints.

featured work

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