Comex: Painting as an Art and a Science

As one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of paints and coatings in Mexico, Comex wanted to develop a user experience and design strategy to unify 500 of its regional retail locations in the United States. Comex needed to retain the loyalty of its customer base and therefore had the challenge to consolidate six brands into one but simultaneously keep existing allegiances.

Applying the new visual brand identity to Comex’s sub-brands allowed for graphic consistency and alignment but maintained existing naming. 

The newly designed in-store experience we developed was aimed at promoting the profession of painting.

We transformed the layout, graphics system, fixtures, furniture, retail merchandising, color, and sample display system to create a more efficient and polished shopping experience that was consistent across the regional network.

We also created new product packaging for Comex's one-gallon paint can that leveraged the new visual brand identity system. 

 Gilmore Group designed a best in class Comex Design Center that further leveraged the new visual brand identity system as well as the company’s brand portfolio.