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Yes, but…

You might have just seen some of Gilmore Group’s ideas on the future of branch transformation and thought to yourself, “Yes, that’s nice and all, but what about [insert valid concern here]?”

We know that with every unanswered question facing your plans to innovative branch design and operations, the pace of the program slows, sometimes to a complete halt.

The remedy is getting fast, reliable answers from seasoned experts that know what works, and what doesn’t.

Please share with us some of your ‘Yes, but’s so that we can better understand you and the perceived barriers to truly innovative branch transformation. We’d also like to hear what you’d expect other colleagues to say. We know different workplace perspectives means different ‘Yes, buts’.


Based off what you saw what is your “Yes, but…”?

(e.g., technology costs, training staff on new components)
Choose a different perspective for a "Yes, but"
Choose a different perspective for a "Yes, but"
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